How to Clean Bathrooms: Filling Bathtubs With Disinfectant

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Putting disinfectant in a bathtub loosens up grime. Fill about a quarter of the bathtub with disinfectant with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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O.k. So let's say you're done. You've, you've rubbed all this down really well with a soft scrub. And so now, what we need to do. Is we need to rinse this. And the reason why, is because. I don't know, if you've ever sat in a bath tub. And you kind of, feel like there's a little tiny bits of sand, on the base. And that's usually from a product like this. Where it feels a little bit scratchy under your skin. Well, that's again, that's the cleaner. And you want to make sure that, that come out. This cleaner that we've used doesn't disinfect. It's just a, it's a cleanser. It's something that will lift all of that grime. Because it's got some friction to it. So we want to disinfect now. So now, we get out of the tub. And we want to fill the tub with, not fully fill it. But we want to put maybe, a quarter of a, close the plug. Maybe a quarter of the bath tub. If you want to put some disinfectant, in that.