What Is the Best Way to Clean a Laptop Screen?

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The best way to clean a laptop screen is with a microfiber lint-free cloth that is sprayed before being applied to the screen. Avoid spraying a laptop screen directly with advice from the owner of a cleaning service company in this free video on cleaning... View Video Transcript

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You're so excited; you've finally got that laptop you've always wanted. And then you need to know how to keep that laptop screen clean. I'm Cyn Deer; I'm with 3's Company Too. And I'm going to give you a tip, the best tip on how to keep that laptop monitor screen clean. So the first thing you want to do is you want to make sure it's turned off, which I've already done that. And once it's off it's; you've got your black screen and it makes it easier to see any smudges that you want to get cleaned off. So first you're going to grab your perfect little wonderful micro fiber lint free piece of cloth here. You're going to wipe down your screen. And it comes out really pretty. If you feel the need to use any products. Sometimes you can find the computer cleaning products, do not ever spray any, any of the cleaning products directly on the screen because it could damage either the screen or the laptop itself. So do not use any products directly on it. If you do need to use a product, put it on your cloth and then wipe it down, and then wipe it; wipe it off basically after you use the product. So this was how to clean your laptop screen. And I'm Cyn Deer. And hopefully you have a clean free day.