How to Take Care of a Lily

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To take care of a lily, plant it in a warm area in the sun or partial shade in a triangle three inches deep. Care for a lily with tips from a professional gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from and we're going to learn all about how to care for lilies. The most important thing that a lily needs is heat so whether it's in the sun or part shade, it needs to be in a pretty warm spot. Ideally, I've found, even if you've got a spot that's hot all day with a little bit of afternoon shade, that's also pretty good because then it does last for longer. So, when the blooms open, they bloom for a little bit longer. They can be grown anywhere to almost full shade to full sun. My favorite type of lily bulbs are the Oriental Lily's. They have a beautiful fragrance and they come up every Summer and they can get even four or five feet tall with ten, twenty blooms. They're easy to plant and easy to take care of because they're very hardy, they can live to minus thirty degrees so they'll grow in even Alaska. The bulbs are just like a garlic, garlic is a lily so they're really easy to grow. You could take off every little piece of the bulb but I found it's better to leave it whole because one little piece of bulb might take seven years to bloom, whereas, this is going to bloom the first year. So, you always want to get as big as bulbs that you can find because the bigger is better. When I plant them, I plant about three inches deep. I put them in center part shade at about three inches deep, in groups of three or more, in a triangle. They're social so you never want to put them in time out, you never want to put them all by themselves, put them with other plants and they'll do much better, really easy to grow. This particular lily is called Tom Pouce, it's beautiful yellow with pink. Another trick you can do, when you're growing them, is actually pull the pollen off as soon as they bloom because then you won't get it everywhere but they're beautiful whether you pull the pollen or not and they'll grow and grow and grow. You can plant lily's any time of the year, you can plant them in the Spring, the Summer, the Fall, the middle of Winter and they'll come up and bloom every Summer. Sometimes, if you plant them a little bit in the wrong time, it might take them a little time to adjust to their new climate or adjust to the season but you should get blooms that next Summer, no matter when you plant them, that's the great thing about them. As soon as their done blooming, another trick is top them off. So, as soon as the blooms are done and they don't look good but there's still green on the stem, just chop the very top of it off. The stem will still get photosynthesis because the energy will go back down to the bulb and in the end you'll have more and more and more. They multiple by the bulb, they'll just make more bulblets and more bulblets so you get lots and lost. Eventually, I'll have an area just filled with lilies and at that time you can dig them up anytime they're not blooming and separate them and plant them in a different place and you'll have even more lilies. Lilies are very easy to grow, they really don't need you. Water them in the Summer, kind of leave them dry in the Winter, leave them in the ground, they need the cold, and you'll have them for many, many years.