How to Clean Bathrooms: Cleaning Around the Bathtub

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Before cleaning a bathtub, move everything out of the way so the cleaning process can be more thorough. Clean around the outside of a bathtub with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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O.k. Now we're going to start off with the bath tub. And then, we'll move on to the shower. So let me get my gloves on, first. And what we're going to do is, move anything that's sitting around your tub. There is no way you can clean around your items. You have to move them. Because you just don't get a, you don't get a thorough clean. And this is about thorough clean, today. So and I usually, get into the tub. Because I can't quite reach across right now. So I will just get everything out. So that we can start off with a clear surface to clean. Now these items, you want to make sure. Well, to me, anyhow. I like to have them clean when they go back in. There's no point in cleaning a counter top. And then putting dirty things, back on top of it. So I'll go through all of these items and I'll just wash down each item. With a damp cloth, before I put it back into the bath tub. And with things like plants, they get dusty on top. Here is a really easy way. If it's a fake plant like this is. Then I just run it under the water. And it gets all of the dust, off of the leaves. And you know, every thing's plastic. Since nothing to, nothing to ruin, in any way. Shake it upside down. And you don't even have to dry it. It's nice and green again. All the whites, if you see on here. There's white dust sitting on there. This one's nice and fresh and shinning. This is easy as that.