Types of Vacuum Cleaners

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Hi! This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village and I am talking to you today about vacuuming and vacuum types and all the types that are related to vacuuming. What we want to talk about now is when you are actually considering purchasing a vacuum or choosing a new vacuum, the things that you want to go into your decision making. The first that you might want to consider is the cost. Vacuums range greatly in pricing depending on what you are looking for. What you are looking to accomplish, you know warranties, no warranties. Store bought, used, new, the whole gambit. So the first thing you might want to consider is the cost. What is your budget? How extravagant do you want to go? They range in price from $50 all the way up to several $1,000, believe it or not so there is a broad range. Another thing you might want to consider is the weight itself of the vacuum. Some vacuums can be fairly heavy so if you are restricted in lifting an amount of weight by doctor's orders or maybe you are getting up there in your golden years and it isnot something you want to lunge around the house, up and down the stairs. That's another thing you might want to consider, is the weight. Something else would be the type of vacuum. As I mentioned before there are several types of vacuums. There are uprights with bags, uprights bag less, canister types, wet and dry vacuums. So depending on what you want to use it for is going to affect your decision on what type you are going to get. Whether it is going to be an upright, canister, wet and dry vacuums. So what we are going to be talking about is the type used for your household and the recommendation for that would probably be an upright vacuum with a bag so that is what we are going to talk about.