Cleaning a Sink to Remove Minerals & Deposits from the Bathroom

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Learn how to remove minerals and deposits from the bathroom with tips such as cleaning a sink in this free online video lesson. View Video Transcript

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Hi I am Mark Williams and on behalf of Expert Village and the producer of this series you can visit our website at Your common lav faucet consist of four main parts: you have your pop up down in the sink basin, you have hot and cold handle, and some type of device that is going to trip the pop up. Now the most common place for minerals and deposits to build up is going to be in your handles and on your lever. Wherever your wet hands are going to be touching. So what we our going to do is we are going to take our chemically resistant swab and santeen chrome and tile cleaner. Don't want to forget our gloves. Now the build up that is on this particular fixture is along here where the spout drains out on top of the pop up, and there is a little bit on the handles. You want to sprinkle this chemical on the swab and just go around and swab it off.