How to Clean Hardwood Floors With Pine-Sol

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Cleaning hardwood floors with Pine-Sol requires diluting a quarter cup of it in a gallon of water and even adding in a bit of vinegar for a deeper clean. Use gloves when cleaning hardwood floors using Pin-Sol with cleaning tips from the owner of a... View Video Transcript

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These days wood floors have become extremely popular and you've finally got your wood floor and you're not sure how to keep it clean or how to clean them. I'm Cyn Deer and my company is 3's Company Too and I'm going to show you how to clean wood floors using some pine-sol. So what you want to do is, first of all put on your gloves because anytime you are using anything abrasive you want to keep your hands away from the abrasive chemicals and you're going to mix your pine-sol with your water. Use about a gallon of water to about a quarter cup of your pine-sol. You can throw a little bit of vinegar in the water so then you'll have a nice combination of chemicals. You're going to use your mop obviously, but I'm going to do it on this little piece of wood. You're going to clean it, get it all the whole area as much as possible. To begin with you would also use your dust mop to get all the debris off first or your vacuum on the wood, bare wood setting. You're going to make sure to dry your wood floor. Because if you do not dry your wood floor, the water or the liquid gets into the crevices, it expands the wood and you get into a little bit of a problem. So I highly recommend that you make sure that your wood floor is always dry and I'm Cyn Deer and this is how to clean your wood floors with pine-sol and hopefully you have a great day.