Deep Cleaning Carpet

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DAVID GREEN: Hi. My name is David Green with Again, to reference what we had talked about before with--when you meet with the customer, this is another potential service that could be needed. I briefly mentioned it before, as far as if somebody had a spill or, let's say, urine, or even vomit for this matter, something that is enough liquid that would penetrate through the fibers, through the backing, so in the backing or into your pad and into your floor. For this, we have what we refer to as a subfloor extraction. This tool is a small one; we have larger ones. This is a subfloor extractor that--well, normal carpet-cleaning tools can only clean the fibers of the carpet at best, provided that they have powerful equipment. A lot of companies don't have powerful enough equipment to even do a deep thorough cleaning of the carpet, but with powerful equipment, that's the best you can do, where with this tool, with powerful equipment, this allows us to clean even deeper. You have to bear with the noise for a second but I'll kinda show you the design of this. This is the design that they created, allows it to get that deeper extraction, and there's two different types of situations where we would--well, actually probably three as far as where we would clean the subfloor, and it can be based on an odor or it can be based on just a residue.