Organizing the Kid's Room

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Kid’s closets can get pretty organized ya know when they do clean their room. Ya know they can kind of throw everything in there. So the best is to label shelves, ya know, all shoes go here, all toys go here or just buy, ya know, different things, there’s many different things out there to help keep the closet organized that you could invest in which would be a good investment. The best thing is to go about once a month and separate their toys, or you know have them go through their toys or you could even do every six months. Separate their toys and put some away so that way, you know and then every six months trade them out that way they still think they are new and exciting and they don’t get bored with them. Also, the best is to get some rubber containers and just, you know keep things in there for under bed storage. Ya know if you have an infant to may want to keep, ya know, baby powder and stuff in one.