How to Clean Bathrooms: Dry Products

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Dry products needed to clean bathrooms include squeegees, toothbrushes, cloths and plastic bags. Discover what dry products should be used for bathroom cleaning with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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OK, now let's talk about the dry products that you want to make sure you have in here every time your grab your carrier and you go off to the bathroom. Again, it just makes it so much more appealing to go clean your bathroom if you know everything is ready to go. So, you want to make sure you've got a couple of plastic bags because, when we do some of the cleaning you'll see we want to throw away, well certainly with our cloths that we use to clean. We want to put it in a bag, not back in your carrier, because obviously it's dirty, so you want to have this take it straight to the laundry room with you with your dirty towels, alright. And then also, we want to make sure that we have a squeegee when we're doing our showers, especially. You want a squeegee that is not metal in any way, because I actually leave my squeegee in the shower and I'll show you why later. It just makes cleaning so much easier if you squeegee your shower panels, your glass panels after you shower each time. You'll see the build up of water, and if you squeegee it straight off, that actually stops the build up of calcium and dirt and grime in your shower. So, make sure it's rubber. That was my point. Make sure there's nothing that's going to create any kind of rust in your shower if you leave it in there like I do. Alright. But I just have it here to show you for now. So those are your dry products. So let's put them all in here and we'll be ready to go. Oh, and one last thing, you need a toothbrush to get into some of the areas to get out the grease and the grime, the very tough stuff that we want to loosen up and bring out of some of the areas. So, we'll be using that too. So let's get started.