How to Mop a Floor

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Add vinegar to a water bucket when mopping a hardwood floor and wring out the mop thoroughly. Mop a floor like a pro with the housekeeping tips in this free video on home maintenance from a professional decorator and home cleaner. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ann Myrick, and today I'm going to show you how to mop a floor. You start with a bucket of water, and I have just finished sweeping the floor to get all the dirt off the floor. And you pick out the product depending on the type of floor your mopping. I am standing on a wood floor, so what I'm going to do is use vinegar. Put some vinegar, I have put some vinegar in the water bucket, but commercial products, you will need to read to see what the best product is for the floor. Wring your mop out really well, and then you're going to, whatever floor it is, you're just going to go back and forth, and go all the way across your floor. Now, depending on the product, you might have to go back and rinse your floor. Some products you need to, some products you do not need to. I'm Ann Myrick, and that is how you mop a floor.