How to Use an Upright Vacuum

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Learn how to use an upright vacuum when dusting and vacuuming your home, to instantly improve your home's appearance, in this free house-cleaning video. View Video Transcript

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This is Dan Wolstenholme on behalf of Expert Village and today we're going to show you how to dust and vacuum your home. In this segment we're going to talk about how to use the vacuum. And first and foremost before you start vacuuming; always check the area that you're going to vacuum for any debris on the floor. Make sure you pick up any loose objects that would clog the vacuum or damage the vacuum. But, first what we want to do is we want to start with the cord; twist that so that we can loosen the cord. Then we want to find an outlet that's nearby. Okay, after we've established a good solid connection with an outlet, we can go ahead and get ready to vacuum. Take up your cord slack like this, grab it with your hand, you can use either hand, which ever one you feel comfortable with. Bend the vacuum down and turn it to the ON portion. Make sure you have a firm grip and then you start to go forward, backwards, forward, backwards.