Tools Needed to Fell a Tree

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Learn what tools are needed to safely cut down a tree in this free how-to video on felling trees. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I am Drew Finn here for Expert We are going to discuss how to cut down a tree safely today. This video is brought to you by Black Dog Video. You can visit it on These are the tools we are going to be using to cut down the tree. Obviously a chain-saw is the most important part of it. The Husqvarna has a 20 inch blade on it. One thing we are going to make sure before you start cutting down any tree is that you have got gas ready to go. You do not want to be halfway through the tree and run out of gas. So it is very important to have the gas ready to go and maintenance of your chain-saw. You will have to refer to your guides because they are so many different ones. But primarily add oil to it, chain bio-oil and then your gasoline, but make sure your gas is full before you start. The falling wedge is another item. It is very important to use. You can use it for fallen trees or even when you are cutting logs later. It is a plastic wedge so if you do hit it with your chain, you will not destroy. If you use the metal one and hit the chain, you could destroy the chain, you could jam it, you could really cause you serious injury. So, the plastic one is ideal. With a come along, we attach one end to something solid like a tree trunk, a toe hitch on a vehicle so that we can pull on it. We put a rope on one end and other end, we extend and then we put, this is only twelve foot width of cable. So, from there we go to a rope that is around the tree. Now how this operates is there is a ratchet here, so when we push it, this clicks over and notches it up. So, we really have good mechanical advantage. That’s why this is just a short throw, you can pull a ton, a 2000 lb. force on the cable itself and then there is a release on the top for unwinding the cable so that you can pull it out. All those instructions are usually on the side of the come along or on the box in which you purchase it. I look at this as the central part of cutting down a tree.