How to Cut the Trunk of a Tree to Prepare Firewood Logs

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Hi! I am Drew Finn. I am here from Expert We are going to talk about how to prepare firewood. This is presented by Black Dog Video. You can see Black Dog Video on Now as we cut down the tree to cut into log lengths, when you have something suspended like this, it is a real gift so here we can just cut it and drop it off. As we get further down and we are going to be cutting it, I like taking pieces that we have already cut and put it underneath the log while I can hear if I was going to cut down further that way when you cut the log off and drop it, you still have it above the grade. When it is above the grade obviously it is a lot easier to drop the pieces of wood so I will cut this off not because we cannot leave it like this, we can cut all way through from the top. If we had a support here then we will cut part way through from the top come underneath and cut up from the bottom and for instance the one below here that is what we would have to do if we are cutting down. I am not going to cut that right now. So another way of doing it on a larger log say we had a good size of 12-15” or 20” log, to cut down about over half way, then we would take a wedge and stick it in the groove and I will show that here but the log is not big enough and it is not suspended the way but just for demonstration purposes I will show you what we do. This is a plastic wedge so even if we had lifted up to hit the wedge it is just going to pop out. So if this is in compression this way so when we cut through it, it tends to pinch the saw. If it had a support here by putting the wedge in we would stop that pinch and we can cut right through, so I am going to cut this. I will just quickly demonstrate the wedge if it had been a larger piece and then cut the rest of the way through.