How to Clean a Coffeemaker

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Clean a coffeemaker by running a cycle of water and vinegar. Remove stains and build up in a coffeemaker with this free video from a professional home organizer about cleaning kitchens. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Ann Myrick, and I'm going to show you how to clean your coffeepot. You want to take the basket out, and then best way to clean the coffeepot is with vinegar. I would fill up the carafe with water and vinegar, and pour the water and vinegar mixture and it would be about, probably about a full carafe with about a fourth of a cup of vinegar. Put it in your coffee pot, put the carafe back in your coffee pot and, I mean I'm sorry, put the carafe back in the holder and start it up, and just let it go all the way on its cycle, like you're making coffee, but what is happening is the water/vinegar mixture is going through your coffeepot to clean it. Now, once it goes through you're going to want to look at the color to see if it's a dark color, what the color looks like, and if it's dark I would run it through. I would start all over and do a whole nother' pot, and do another mixture of the vinegar and water, send it through, and do that several times; depending on how dirty your coffeepot is. And then, I would probably put two or three pots of clear water through to be sure you get out the vinegar taste and smell. This is Ann Myrick, and that is how to clean a coffeepot.