Bend the Metal for Yard Art

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Bend the Metal for Yard Art - Provided by eHow
Bend the material and get tips on making and welding yard art, making the right marks so you know where to clamp your material down on the vice and using a torch in this free welding video. View Video Transcript

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Hi my name is Danny Ramirez and on behalf of Expert Village, I will be welding yard art. The next step that I will be doing is bending the material; what I need to do to make the sun. I have actually marked all of these in the center so I can know where to clamp it down on the vice and bend it. I can actually bend it by hand like this or I can if it is a thicker material, I can use the torch and heat it up and bend it. You usually use the torch on it to it is glowing and that would help you bend the material better. That is it.