How to Cut Large Logs from a Fallen Tree

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Learn how to cut large logs from fallen trees for firewood in this free how-to video on trimming trees. View Video Transcript

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George A. Finn, III

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Hi! I am Drew Finn. I am here from Expert We are going to talk about how to prepare firewood. This is presented by Black Dog Video. You can see Black Dog Video on On bigger logs this is easier to do, on a smaller log this side typically had set it up so we could just cut it off. I want to demonstrate how we cut a larger log. This one we are going to use for logging so I do not want to cut it up. What I do is cut through over half way, make a bunch of cuts then we will rotate it over and cut through the rest of the way. As I cut through on these, I want to have a fairly slow speed. If you just crank it all the way on as you are breaking through, it may catch it and throw the saw or throw the wood. On a larger one you go faster first and as you get close to the center, you slow down.