Tools for Making & Welding Yard Art

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Tools needed to make yard art such as a hammer, an angle grinder, a torch and a vice clamp in this free welding video. View Video Transcript

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Christopher D. Ramirez

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Hi my name is Danny Ramirez and on behalf of Expert Village I will be welding yard art. I'm going to talk about the tools that I will be using today. These are some of the tools I will be using a hammer. The hammer would be basically for hitting and shaping the metal if I need to. I also would be using a angle grinder. I can use it to cut, to grind and that is about it for that. I would be using a torch for melting, shaping, heating up so I can bend the metal easier. I might also be using a drill so I can make holes in anything, I can put attachments on here for a wider wheel or for a hole cutter. If I choose to. I would also be using a vice to clamp down the material. So I can bend anything I need to or to hold down something if I need to grind it. I would also be using a welder today to tact and weld the material together for the finish product.