Deciding Where to Plant a Fruit Tree

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When choosing a place to plant a fruit tree in your garden or yard, try to find a spot that is sunny and has good drainage. Learn more about where to plant a new fruit tree in this free online gardening and tree cultivation instructional video. View Video Transcript

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When you select the site for your fruit tree, what you want is- first thing you want it to be in the full sun. If it’s in a residential area, you want to place your fruit tree so it’s aesthetically beautiful considering that the fruit tree will burst into bloom in the spring and be very beautiful. So it can be an ornamental- it can be considered an ornamental tree as well as a fruit bearing true. When you select your site, you want to be sure that you have good drainage, that you have either sandy loam- or as close to that as you can, and you want to be able to be sure that you have access to water in the location. In a residential area that wouldn’t be such a problem but if you had say, an undeveloped piece of property that you did not yet have water and electricity on, you would need to somehow be able to water your trees if you planted theme before you got those things.