How to Plan Window Cleaning

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Hello everybody. My name is Tanner Falcon from Danny Tanner's window washing and this is with Right now I'm kind of just projecting my window job. This basically means I'm planning ahead to see what windows I'm going to do first and which windows I'm going to do last. As you can see, we have some upper windows and we have some lower windows. Now, it may seem obvious, but some people don't think about the fact that I don't want to get these ones all nice, bright and pearly and then go up to the upper windows and while I'm up there, my holster's going to be dripping, my squeegee is going to be dripping, my wand's going to be dripping. And it's going to drip all over the window you just did and that's going to ruin your job. You're going to make extra time for yourself, it?s not necessary. So I'm looking at this. Okay, I want to do these three windows first, those two windows second, and even though that has a balcony, I want to do those two windows also. Get all the row, the top row out of the way. That way I know for sure the upper is done. Now I'm going to move to the lowers. Then I want to move this way right here, here, here and so on. You want to do that around the whole house. You're just making extra work for yourself and it's just not necessary. So thank you very much.