How to Gather Spanish Oak Acorns

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Learn how to gather Spanish oak tree acorns with expert tips on growing oak trees from acorns in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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A Spanish Oak acorn is what most people would consider more traditional type of shape because of the Burr Oak covers more of the acorn. This one has a small husk and the acorn sticks out of it quite pronounced and makes for a more traditional but most people call them an acorn. The Spanish Oak acorn is not susceptible to the weevil as much as the Live Oak is. The Burr doesn't get them either. This one as you can see has a good cover, not cracked. The kernel inside should be in good shape and a matter of fact, I can't even get a hole in it. I've got this Spanish Oak acorn opened. You can see the kernel inside, it's not shrunk, it's not black although it does kind of have a fuzzy little exterior. When I crack it open to get to the inside of it, it is quite good color and quite good texture, pretty hard. This acorn would come up. It's a good germination probably.