Tips for Pruning Fruit Trees

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Prune your fruit trees properly for the best harvests. Learn how and get pruning tips from a landscaping professional in this free online gardening instructional video on tree cultivation and care. View Video Transcript

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When you prune your fruit trees, in general, trees such as apples, pears, apricots, peaches, not figs, not persimmon, but the apple, pear, peach, plum trees. What you want to do is on the first year of pruning, you want to cut it back very dramatically. So what you’ll have is a branch coming out of the ground with three- the strongest three branches. You want to cut just a few inches above where those branches separate. You’ll have a trunk that comes up with three branches and just three or four inches above where those go out, you just want to do a major cut on the tree. And those are called the scaffold branches. And those will become the main branches of the tree. And that’s the first year. The second year, what you want to do is cut back half of the growth that has grown since the first pruning. And you want to leave at least five or six buds down each branch and cut off about half o the new growth. On the third year, you want to cut off about a fourth of the new growth.