How to Clean Bathrooms: Bathtub Plugs

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Bathtub plugs often form a build-up of grime. Disinfect the plug in a bathtub with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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OK, now we're done with the bathtub, OK, we've done a little of the tops of the bath, the side of the bath, the inside, the hardware. Let's see how shiny that is. So easy. We only used disinfectant, that's all we used. Now, we're going to empty the bath because we already cleaned it. And then we disinfected it. And while that water is going down, I'm just going to use that disinfectant water and I'm going to scrub around this little area that build up with dirt around here, and also the plug itself. All around, I'm going to do it inside the water as the water is going down because that's going to help move some of that any build up that has that you always find around your plug. There's always a build up around your plug. At least I find that. Make sure that water is all out. Any you want to just slosh that around so you get any remaining of that of the cleaner that we used. Any of those little particles out. And that's it. You're done. You got clean, I would just go over this little area here with the cloth. Just to clean it up like you did with the taps, the faucet and the taps here. And then, this is lovely and clean. Nice and shiny. Like I said before, a disinfectant actually will leave things very shiny. You don't need to put anything else on top of that to help with the shine of the hardware. So we're done with that. Done with the tub.