How to Clean Bathrooms: Disinfecting Bathtubs

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When disinfecting a bathtub, using too much water will dilute the disinfectant. Disinfect a bathtub with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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O.k., now that you've filled the tub, with a little bit of water in the bottom, you want to put some disinfectant in. Don't put too much water in otherwise it'll dilute the disinfectant too much and then it won't be as powerful as you want it to be to clean, to kill any bacteria. So just, I would say, a few inches of water, and then you just want to put maybe two or three cap fulls of this. Any kind of disinfectant will do, just a few cap fulls, there you go, three or four, for a real thorough clean. So you just want to swish that around. O.k., and now let's get our cloth that we were using before, and we just kind of, we're going to rinse the inside of the tub and get all of that, all of that cleanser out, so we don't have that sandy feel when we get in the tub or the shower. Even though it is a bit of a sandy feel, it is still something that will not scratch your tub. But it's just enough abrasive material in there to be able to get the scum off the side of your tub. Something too watery is not going to be enough to get a deep clean and get that grim off of your tub, that you often see build up. So you're just rinsing that off and you're disinfecting at the same time, o.k.