Weld Materials for Yard Art

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Weld Materials for Yard Art - Provided by eHow
Weld the material for yard art with a welder, gloves and a helmet and learn to weld all the pieces you have together in this free welding video. View Video Transcript

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Hi my name is Danny Ramirez and on behalf of Expert Village I will be welding yard art. Hi next, I will be welding it all together. I attached my pieces up, this would be going actually to the ground. I will be using my welder, my gloves, and my helmet. I would just go along and weld everything. I'm going to actually break these off and I'm just going to have the bottom of it so this would look a little bit better without those rods there. It is a little contaminated so actually it smokes a lot. (welding pieces together) That is what I would do all the way. I would weld probably a inch on all 3 sides and I will be down welding the candle holder.