Making a Tree Limbing Plan to Cut Branches from Fallen Trees

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Learn how to plan to cut branches from trees, including considering which limbs to remove in what order in this free how-to video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I am Drew Finn. I am here from Expert We are going to talk about how to prepare firewood. This is presented by Black Dog Video. You can see Black Dog Video on We are going to talk about how to properly limb a tree. Now you fell the tree already; either Mother Nature felled it or you cut it safely and you are so alive, so we are going to cut it up now. The limbing portion of it is, the more likely place it you will get maimed as opposed to killed. Dropping a tree more people get killed, limbing the tree more people get injured, but not killed and the reason being is like for instance we have got a branch here that is heavily loaded because of tree’s weights on. Actually it is fractured this one but what we need to do is look at the whole tree and see what ones are loaded. Like these are hanging out we can cut off safely, they are going to drop. However, the ones that go down underneath are loaded so when we cut them they are going to tend to pinch so we again have to cut through from the top and then from the bottom. Also you have got to look at that tree as a whole and see if like for instance you cut all the branches off one side the tree may roll so you have got to always be conscious as you are going along to what you have cut, what is going on and any little motion of the tree, look at it, reassess it and see if it is going to injure you. For instance if you are down here and you are cutting this way, if you cut this off the tree is going to jump and this portion may come back and hurt you. So you have got to make sure that if the tree rolls you are not injured. In this particular tree when we cut it, is going to want to rotate this way, once we take the branch on the other side off. So we will take the smaller limbs off. l like starting at the top and working down, so that is what we will do and we will go from there.