How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space All Year Round

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To enjoy an outdoor space all year round, incorporate plants, flowers and shrubs that bloom and thrive in different seasons, and incorporate seasonal decorations into the garden. Plant an ever-changing garden for an all-year outdoor living space with... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda, from, and we're going to talk about how to enjoy our outdoor living space, all year round. Now, it's such a delight in the summertime, to sit out on your patio, or sit out on your deck, and enjoy your garden, because everything is in bloom. It's just gorgeous, and there's butterflies and hummingbirds, and it's a hot sunny day, and you just enjoy every minute of it, but we get caught up in the wintertime and holidays, and just trick or treating and everything, and we forget about how beautiful the outdoors can be, even in different times of the year, so to enjoy your outdoor living space, take advantage of it, so make sure that you've got different flowers that bloom at different times, so always start with your tulips, and your daffodils, and your hyacinth, and your crocus, and all types of different early spring blooming flowers, then go into your major iris, and your peonies, and all different types of calla lilies, that bloom into the early summer, and then enjoy your lilies, and your hostas, and all different types of exotic flower bulbs from South Africa, like your galtonias ,and your tigridias, and crocosemias, that bloom through the summer, and then don't forget the fall too. You can have hardy cyclamin, or aconitums, or fall blooming chrysanthemums, so make sure when you are planting your flower beds around your living areas, that you include flowers that bloom in every season, and that way, you've got color every season, and don't forget to take advantage of every season, because even on a nice fall day, the sun breaks come through, and the nice evenings are still warm, so you can always put a heater outside, or put a little fire pit in there, or a barbecue and enjoy it, and always add some interest too. Like we just went to the farmer's market last weekend, and we found some pumpkins, that the kids, they just grabbed them. They thought they were just the prettiest pumpkins they could find. Just by adding some pumpkins to your outdoor living space, all of a sudden, you're enjoying the fall. You can put some leaves, a lot of times I just let the leaves fall around them, and you can make your own little display, and then going into Halloween too, you can put some Halloween decorations up, and then getting into Thanksgiving and Christmas. Don't be afraid to light up your outdoor living space, all year round. It's beautiful to put Christmas lights in all of your trees at Christmas time, but you don't have to stop at that. Even other times of the year, little white lights on just a few of your trees, will add so much interest, and make you feel like you're in a beautiful park.