What Is the Best Time of Year to Start Growing Flowers?

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The best time of year to start growing flowers will depend on the area of the country, the length of the growing season and the blooming time of the flower. Start growing flowers in late winter or early spring in a warm space with instructions from a... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. What is the best time of the year to start growing flowers? There's several factors that are involved in that and it's going to differ, also, on what part of the country you're in. The warmer climates, like south central Texas, we can start earlier and have a growing season that lasts a little longer. Some other parts of the country, like Florida, and maybe California, they probably have a growing season that lasts all year long and then there's the rest of you who are in snow country who things won't grow quite as long. However, it also is going to depend on what type of flower you are growing 'cause you've got flowers that will bloom in the spring, you've got flowers that bloom in the summer, you've got those that bloom spring to the first frost, so they've got to be started at different times. Do you have a greenhouse where you can put your seed in there and get them started? Do you have a place where you can get germination going which means it's going to need to be warm and you have to water it. All factors to consider when you go to start flowers. Probably, on average, six weeks, six to eight weeks to get a good plant started, depending again on the temperature. These are factors that hopefully are not making the picture muddier, but they are factors that need to be considered as far as the type of plant, when it blooms, and so forth. In other words, if it's a spring bloomer, you obviously want to start it around Christmas or somewheres in there. If it blooms in the summer, you can start it a little later. Keep in mind that you will need a nice warm spot in a place where you can water, in an area where drainage is not going to be a problem, and again, those are the two most important things. They need to be watered and they need the heat to cause that germination. Then, in their weaker state, you're going to need to keep 'em warm so they will continue to grow. Starting plants like this is going to require them being transplanted at several intervals. Plant the seed, get it to grow so far, move it to a little bigger container, therefore you're starting to establish stronger and deeper roots and so forth, up to a certain size. But again, depending on the type that you want, the time that it blooms, those are key factors in determining when to start them.