How to Clean Bathrooms: Shining Hardware

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Using disinfectant on bathtub hardware will leave the taps looking shiny. Disinfect bath hardware and faucet taps with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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O.k., lastly we want to make sure to leave us our hardware lovely and shiny. So we've already scrubbed up the, the gunky dirty bits around the bottom. So we're going to again, the warm water from the bath we are going to rub with the disinfectant, we don't have to use any different products at all just disinfectant, you're going to get that a good rub on those handles. Go round and round the base, and just work because you are going to have water marks on here and just dust, and we have our hands that go on the taps. So there may be some germs there, you want to just disinfect and just go over that a couple times, rinse it out and you can see it actually dries perfectly. You don't have to get a dry cloth; it dries very well as long as you squeeze out the flannel really really tight. You don't want to have a lot water on your cloth when you do this and they're done.