Fruit Tree Maintenance: Part 1

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How can you get your fruit trees to grow larger, better-tasting and more abundant fruit? Find out and get fruit tree maintenance and care tips from a landscaping professional in this free online gardening and tree cultivation instructional video. View Video Transcript

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When your pears, apples, peaches, apricots, plums, bloom in the spring, they are just absolutely gorgeous. You can prune a branch and put it on the table, it’s so pretty. But all those flowers, the quantity of all those flowers can be detrimental to your tree. You don’t want too many flowers, so every year it’s important to thin the flowers off your trees. And what this does- it increases the quality of your fruit, and also it increases the quantity of the fruit that you get. So you get bigger and better tasting fruit as a result of pruning your flowers- or thinning your flowers. And you just go and you just pick them off; you just go along your tree and pick them off in the spring.