Carpet Cleaning Checklist

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DAVID GREEN: Hi, this is David Green with We talked briefly before about maintenance. We'll talk a little bit now on pre-job preparation, and this would be before you leave your house or shop. You want to make sure that you leave with certain things. You want to create a checklist that you go through to make sure you've got the chemicals that you need, that you've got the supplies you need, from towels to this right here. This is a--for putting underneath furniture, when you move furniture, to protect the carpet as it dries so you don't get a rust or stain transfer, so little simple things like this as far as supplies. And making sure your bottles are full of all the products you need and it will save you a lot of time from having to leave a job and run to a supplier or run to your shop. It's always good to keep extra supplies on hand in your shop rather than just having what you can carry.