How to Repel Hornets

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Repelling hornets involves knocking down their nests repeatedly until they are forced to find a new location for their home. Keep nests away from entry ways and high-traffic areas with information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to repel hornets. Now hornets are a kind of a wasp. They look kind of like a bee but they're a little bit longer and they still are yellow and black and they can still sting you. So when you see hornets in your yard, they are still very frightening and they can cause a lot of damage. But you know hornets are really a good thing because they eat flies and they eat a lot of the other bugs that you don't want too many of in your garden as well. So my theory on that is to repel the hornets, kind of protect them and don't hurt them but send them to another area of your property or to someone else's yard. When we lived in Vancouver, we had some nice hornets move in to the eaves of our house and they made a nice little nest and they were flying all over and I was always scared to death to go to the front door because I thought they were going to sting me and the kids were afraid too. So I decided that I didn't want to kill them with any chemicals, so I thought well let's see what happens if I hose them down with the hose and get rid of the nest altogether. And I tried it. So I decided that in the middle of the night they're sleeping so you can either spray down their little nests at night when they're sleeping but that wakes them up and they're still kind of dormant, or you do it in the afternoon when they're gone, right before nightfall because that's when they're out getting food and they're getting ready to come in for the night. So I thought it was better for me to actually spray it down when they're not around. So I just take the hose and I sprayed it on full power and I sprayed down the nest and there were a few hornets around, I did it from a distance, and then I hid in the house and I didn't come out all night. And I noticed the next morning that they already had started to build a new nest. So I took the hose and I sprayed that new nest down again and I kind of didn't hang out by the front door because all of the hornets came back to nest at night and the nest was gone. So they had to find a new place to make a nest. And so that's my theory, I don't mind having hornets around, they're good, but I don't want them in the eaves of my house by the front door. So you just make them find a new home. I don't know where they went after that, I never saw them again. I'm assuming, I'm hoping they went to the woods near our house and had a home where they're not going to be really invading anyone directly. So that's my theory is with hornets, don't kill them with any types of chemicals and a lot of people will tell you to use pyrethrins and that's made from chrysanthemum, it's natural, but pyrethrin is very dangerous, they're finding women that bathe their animals with pyrethrin when they were pregnant because it kills fleas, their children, they had twice chance to have autistic children. So my theory is I don't want any type of those chemicals in my yard and with wasps, if they're in your yard or they're in your eaves or we had some friends that had them on the trampoline, just use a hose, spray down the nest, keep spraying down the nest, eventually they'll find a new nest in another area that's not right near your house. And that way we can all live together naturally. If you are in an area or you're out in the woods and you know there's lots of wasps in the area, you can always protect your body. And it's easy, just put a lot of olive oil or vegetable oil on your skin, lavender oil, any type of oil works because the wasps won't sting you if you have oil on your body. Spearmint works really good too, just put some spearmint on your body. Lavender too, lavender, any type of lavender oil. The wasps don't like the smell of it. Even eucalyptus, it's a wonderful plant and it's a wonderful oil. If you've got a dinner party and you've got wasps in your area or hornets, just put some eucalyptus branches in and around your food and a lot of times the hornets won't come near. There's lots of things that you can do to protect yourself from hornets and to repel them naturally.