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DAVID GREEN: Hi. My name is David Green with We're now ready. The carpet has been vacuumed. We're ready to pre-treat the carpet, or, as we say, pre-spray the carpet. We got our inline sprayer that has our solution coming out, mixing as you spray with that 8 parts water to one part of this concentrate. Now, as you're spraying, if this carpet was really bad, he's going to spray a little bit heavier on the high traffic areas, and he's going to spray a little bit heavier on your bad spots. And you don't want to overwet something where it's going to soak down into the backing on the pad, but the key is to make sure that you get--oh, and now we're going to--we're going to show both types of agitation. It's in the next step. So you want to make sure that whatever residue is in there that needs to be broken down that it's wet enough to break it down. So if it's a bad spot or spill, it's going to have some deeper residue and needs a little bit more in there.