Safety Tips for Welding Yard Art

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Safety tips and advice on making and welding yard art, wearing a welding helmet, safety glasses, gloves and the right clothing in this free welding video. View Video Transcript

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Christopher D. Ramirez

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Hi my name is Danny Ramirez and on behalf of Expert Village, I will be welding yard art. Now I would be talking about safety. I may not be using all of this today but this is just in case you make a yard art and you may have to use it. First thing first is the welding helmet. Of course, you need this when you are welding so you don't grind your eyes. But this helmet to you can actually open it up and you can use it as regular safety glasses for cutting or torching, and it would cover your whole face. So you would not get cut up or anything on your face. Also, I would be using safety glasses so I don't get any materials in my eyes from heating up something, bending something, cutting or grinding anything. I also have cutting goggle. Cutting goggles would be for torching, cutting, plasma cutting anything like that. It is a safety goggle but it has a tinting lens too so you don't hurt your eyes. I also have a thin set of gloves for like tigging so you can actually feel the material and stuff that is not that hot. You can use a smaller glove. If you are doing bigger materials, stuff that is really hot anything like torching or you are really in the material you can use this bigger thicker glove. It keeps the heat away pretty good. Also, if you need to use a welding jacket so you don't burn your arms, your body. It also has the buttons to cover you lower so you don't catch yourself on fire or anything. Those are the safety things that I will be using.