What Is a Hoop House?

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A hoop house works as a greenhouse, keeping temperatures higher in cold climates. Find out what a hoop house is with a professional organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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So what is a backyard hoophouse? Well essentially, a hoophouse is a greenhouse that's constructed out of galvanized steel poles, treated poly, special greenhouse grade plastic, end walls, windows, doors, vents and some form of ventilation for the sides. Now a hoophouse is going to collect the heat, it's going to collect the light and it warms up this space in an incredible manner, opening up all kinds of opportunities for the backyard gardener and the farmer alike. You can see these early greens are getting a tremendous start as many of these are over-wintered, some of these were planted in January. The hoophouse is really the backyard farmer or permaculturist's answer to how to compete in a New England climate. The hoophouse keeps the dangerous winds and cold rain out, and allows you to really manage the climate to maximum advantage.