Wiggle Wire Skin to Hoop House Frame: Part 2

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Wiggle wire works with wooden boards to secure plastic on hoop house or greenhouse frames. Build a hoop house with wiggle wire with a professional organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Wiggle wire goes for about a buck a foot, so for this sixty-five foot hoophouse, we're talking about an investment of over a hundred dollars. However, this is one instance where you will not be sorry to go with the good stuff. Wiggle wire can be doubled; in this case, for this all important junction here, we've put a second track of wiggle wire on top of the first to be absolutely sure. Again, this is the point of contact for the entire side of the hoophouse. There is no other point of connection, so this line of contact is holding the entire skin in place. For the sides of the hoophouse we did go with these batten strips. Now these batten strips are hardwood and they're screwed just about every seven inches, tightly, into the frame of the end wall. So there is nowhere along the entire length of the hoophouse where it is not well supported. The wind, if there were, would catch the edge and begin to tear it up, begin to lift it up and before long this thing would be history. So it's very important to secure the entire skin very, very tightly. It also allows for an air envelope, sealed air envelope which maintains our inflated insulated skin.