Upright Bag Vacuum Cleaner Tips

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Hi, this is Travis on behalf of Expert Village and I am just talking to you about vacuums, vacuum types, vacuum bags, how to vacuum and so forth. What we are going to talk about right now is vacuum bag machines versus bagless machines. With the bags, my recommendation is for you to choose and upright machine with a bag. The reason is a couple of things. Number one, you can change out the bag very easily without creating a lot of dust. When it gets full, you open it up. Most bags will either unzip, you pull the bag out and there is just one little tube inside. And this particular one is just a tube and you twist it and you put the new bag in, shut it and you zip it up. The other benefit of this bag is that only do you have this particular bag which is Hepa rated and filters out small particles, dust mites and things that are on the small scale dust. But you also have the outer bag that is going to catch a lot of material that this bag misses. Elastically charged bags; there are all types of bags depending on the type of machine you get. With the bagless vacuums, what you will find is that you are going to have to take it off, detach it from the machine itself, take it out to the garbage can, dump it, dust might come up and get all over you and then what you are going to have to do is actually clean it out. It is going to eventually have to need cleaning. It is going to have to be washed, sprayed down, cleaned out with a rag and it just don't catch as much dust and tiny particles as the Hepa rated bags and inner bags and the outer bags, so I would recommend going with the bag vacuum.