Build Hoop House End Walls

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The end walls of a hoop house secure the frame and support the structure of the hoop house. Build hoop house end walls with a professional organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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So you've got your poles, you've attached them into the ground and secured them with purlins, and now you have essentially a cylindrical cage right on the ground on site where you want your hoophouse. Now you need to build some end walls. In this case, I knew that my end walls needed to be very stout. We have tremendous wind up here and we wanted to anchor the entire house, so what I did was I took locust slab wood that had a hefty butt end, a stump end, and they're buried three feet into the ground. So I established my locust posts into the ground, and from there, I framed out the rest of the end walls just using regular plain softwood lumber to create a very stout and sturdy end wall. These doors were salvaged, they're insulated all-weather doors, which make a really nice, tight fit. And I have a threshold here also made out of locust. All the pieces that have contact with the ground are made out of rot-proof locust, and of course, in an organic system, we don't want to have anything to do with pressure treated lumber near our precious food factory. So, again, you see that the end wall is really critical to establishing a stout anchor to the ground. Up above, although you can't see it, the end wall is anchored to the metal pipes with metal lashing. They're anchored down with screws and metal strips so that this hoophouse is virtually hurricane-proof.