How to Clean a Bedroom in 15 Minutes

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It is not necessary to spend any more than 15 minutes cleaning a bedroom. Tidy up a bedroom in the house in 15 minutes by gathering up items off the floor, making the bed and with other quick tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Ann Myrick

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Hi. This is Ann Myrick. Today we're going to talk about cleaning your bedroom in fifteen minutes. What you want to do is; it's so nice to be able to get a little bit done at a time. So, what you want to do is try to get; when you get out of bed, after you shower just try to get some things done in your bedroom. So, first thing I do, is I would make my bed. Make it, pull it tight, get the pillows up and you have your bed straight. Then just quickly gather up all your dirty clothes. So, anything that's on the floor, any clothes on the floor you can gather them up, put them in the hamper; always good to have a hamper. Then I have a lot of trash. I have a lot of bottles of water, pick those up; a lot of the empty bottles of water. You want to take the trash down. Then real quick I want to; we were writing cards last night, so you want to put your cards up, get everything off the floor and then real quick I'm going to dust. I'm just going to dust the pieces of furniture that I can really see that haven't been dusted in a while. I am going to pick up the brushes and things I don't need in here. I think we've about done it. If you still have a few minutes you can take the vacuum real quick; keep the vacuum near your rooms and you can do a vacuum and go around and clean real quick. Then you've tidied up your room. When you come home at night you can just relax. This is Ann Myrick and that's how to clean your room in fifteen minutes.