Materials for Building Hoop Houses

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A secure hoop house requires quality materials, and a little technology goes a long way. Build a hoop house with the right materials with a professional organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Now we're going to talk about the materials you need to build a hoophouse. They're not that complicated, but if you don't know where to look you might not be successful. Essentially you can either buy a kit, which is widely available off the Internet, and the advantage of buying a kit is that your poles will come pre-drilled; you'll have the right amount of hardware and hopefully adequate instructions to put your hoophouse together. You're going to need plastic, and that also is widely available. Don't make the mistake of getting the hardware store plastic or any generic 6 mil plastic, because the ultraviolet light will just destroy it in a season. You're going to need some lumber, or something to build your end walls, probably some doors, possibly a vent, and you're going to need something to manage your roll up sides some way to vent the sides during the heat of the summer. There's another way to acquire a hoophouse, and I'll let you know what that is. Many people will get a hoophouse and maybe move on, or lose the verve, and if you drive around the countryside, you might just notice hoophouses that have been planted and then now abandoned. Well, you might inquire, knock on a door, a little bit of negotiation, you probably can scam a hoophouse for nothing, that is, for the cost of taking it down. Now be forewarned, as they age, the hardware can freeze up, get rusty, and don't get yourself into a salvage job that's bigger than the value of what you're getting. But I've heard of many people getting a free hoophouse, and, it might be you!