All About Live Oak Trees

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This is a Live Oak tree another native to the State of Texas. It is pretty well an Evergreen tree. If you'll notice this is January and you will notice that the tree has green leaves on it. In another month most of the other Oak trees and other trees in this yard will start putting on their new leaves because they are truly deciduous. This tree will start dropping the green leaves that are on it now and replacing them almost instantaneously with new baby leaves that will be a lot of color but it will transition from a dark green to lighter green, back to dark green real quickly as it replaces the leaves that are on the tree on a yearly basis. It does it in the Spring and it loses them and replaces them all at once. It is truly a remarkable thing. The tree appears to be Evergreen although it does replace the leaves. It's not like a Cedar or a Pine which appears to be green year around without replacing the leaves.