Make a Roll-Up Side on a Hoop House

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A roll-up wall on a greenhouse or hoop house allows ventilation in hot weather. Build a hoop house with a roll-up side with a professional organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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So now we're going to talk about how to create a roll-up side. At the bottom, we need to create a pipe, a metal pipe, that forms the bottom edge of the side of the hoophouse. In order to do that, we take ten or twelve foot pipes that come with a swedged end, a male end that fits into the female end of the next piece. We fit them all together down the length of the hoophouse until we have the appropriate length. There's a little set screw that holds the junctions tight, and then we take this pipe and we lay it onto the plastic. We lay it onto the plastic that's laying out here on the ground and we give it a couple of rolls. We roll it up once, twice, until we have the start of our roll-up. And now I have taken out of plastic conduit piping, I cut these little sleeves. The sleeves fit onto the metal holding the plastic into place, and finally, you can see, I drove two self-tapping screws right into each sleeve which further holds the plastic secure to the end pole. Now this end pole, this 65' end pole, will operate as one unit in order to function as a roll-up. It's quite a remarkable thing!