Build Hoop House Baseboards

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Baseboards and hip-boards secure a hoop house or greenhouse frame against weather. Build hoop house baseboards and hip-boards with a professional organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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So you have your skeleton put together. It's all joined with perpendicular purlins and you've built yourself a stout end wall. You basically have a giant rabbit cage. The next step is to build the hip-boards and a continuous edge of base-board which is bolted to the bottoms of the metal poles. The hip-boards are also bolted and self tapping screwed into the poles. To build these I used salvage grade lumber. It wasn't the best but by painting it and doubling it up we've achieved a stout enough hip-board. The purpose of this of course is number one to stiffen up the frame, to give it a certain rigidity but probably more importantly this is going to be the surface on to which we attach the entire skin and so it needs to be strong and it needs to be continuous the full length of the Hoophouse. The base-board also tightens up the spine, tightens up the skeleton of the Hoophouse and creates a surface onto which the roll up side rests when it's fully closed.