How to Clean Nintendo DS Games

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Nintendo DS games are difficult to clean because of their size and sensitivity, but a Q-tip can be useful for gently wiping the fibers and computer chips. Use a microfiber cloth to get smudges off of a Nintendo DS game with help from a professional house... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to show you how to clean your Nintendo DS games. These are very sensitive little tiny games because they're computer chips, you know. Anything electronic you want to be really careful with. Since they're so small it can be difficult to clean em'. Your fingers may be too big to do this, obviously. You want to use somethin' soft like a Q-tip, and it's small enough to be able to just gently, gently wipe the fibers on the electronic parts of it. You know, it looks like little computer chips so you know they're really sensitive. If you've really spilled somethin' on there and it's stained onto there, and the game maybe needs a through cleaning use just a tiny, tiny, tiny drop of alcohol. I would say drop a little bit into the the lid of your alcohol and get just a little bit on your Q-tip, and use that to just very gently clean these little fibers. If you need to clean your Nintendo DS don't spray any chemicals on it. Sometimes, fingerprints and things like that, you know, get all over these things. Get just a microfiber cloth. Don't use any chemicals or anything else. Just grab the microfiber cloth, and use a circular motion to gently wipe away any smudges or materials that may be on your Nintendo DS. These things are not cheap so take very good care of em'. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and that is how you clean Nintendo DS games.