Growing Zonal Geraniums

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Zonal geraniums come in many different colors. Learn tips for growing zonal geraniums in this free landscaping video about how to grow geraniums. View Video Transcript

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Now we are going to talk about the world of zonal geraniums. When you think of geraniums you think of this geranium as the classic geranium. It has been with us for more than 400 years and boy have we developed this little plant. Starting with the leaves, some of the leaves are shape a little bit differently than these. There are smaller leaf, a darker leaf. The color variation though is absolutely fabulous. This little plant comes in every single color except for blue and yellow. Note the orange, the white, and the pink. They come in bi-colors, they come in double forms, single flowers, taller. Some start at one foot and go all the way up to six feet tall. Properly feed, not over watered, watching your fugal and your insect problems, this sweet classic little herb can give you year round color for years to come.