Tools for Limbing a Tree to Cut Logs for Firewood

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Learn what tools you'll need to cut branches from fallen trees to prepare firewood in this free how-to video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I am Drew Finn. I am here from Expert We are going to talk about how to prepare firewood. This is presented by Black Dog Video. You can see Black Dog Video on These are the tools needed to limb the tree. The chain-saw which is an essential part; you could do some of the smaller limbs with loppers but we need that. A wedge can be used for a felling wedge or for a cutting wedge and that we put in the wood after we cut part way down through so it does not pinch the saws. We go the rest of the way down through. We also have the log splitter. Once we get the wood cut up, the ram comes here pushes it against the wedge here and splits it open. We have got to be very careful with the log splitter. We do not get our hands in there particularly if we have two people going but basically we have hydraulic fluid that pushes the ram here like that. Like if we had a piece of wood, the ram would come and it would split one to one side and one to the other side. This particular chain-saw husk a Verna type has a button you push. It reduces the compression so it is much easier to start. All chain-saws are going to have a choke mechanism of sorts. This particular chain saw lavigne lever, the lever you pull the choke, then you pull the starting chord until it starts to catch, then you want to push the choke in and now start it. To stop it this has a red switch. The newer ones have red switch and some of the older ones just have a regular switch; obviously you want to know where the off switch is. A chain-saw has two areas to be filled. One is the lubrication oil for the chain and then the gasoline which is a two cycle engine so you always mix it with oil. This particular type has 50:1 ratio some have 36:1 so read the manual on that. This one also has a safety brake. If it kicks back the brake comes on and the chain won’t move. So if you are cutting something and it kicks on you and it won’t run for you, try disengaging the brake.