How to Gather Live Oak Acorns

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Learn how to gather live oak tree acorns with expert tips on growing oak trees from acorns in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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These are Live Oak acorns. If you notice there are quite a few on the ground and a lot of them have this hole. That's from a weevil which drills a hole and feeds on the kernel from the inside. This one here is pretty obviously part of it eaten, it is black and moldy looking. It is falling apart. This one won't obviously germinate. However, I did find one here where I've taken the kernel out, peeled it out and it didn't have a hole in the shell. Now this kernel is fully shaped and I'm going to try to open it up without cutting my finger off here. Well it's obviously pretty hard and solid and it appears will still probably germinate. It's soft on the inside, kind of waxy but this one will probably germinate. In a little bit we are going to do the float test on all these different kinds of acorns from Burr to Live Oak and Spanish Oak and see if we can find some that actually sink that we think will actually germinate.