How to Repel Ticks

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Repelling ticks involves wearing protective clothing, coating the skin with fragrant oils and throw tick-exposed clothing in the dryer on the highest temperature setting. Avoid getting bitten by ticks, as they can spread Lyme disease, with information... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to repel ticks. Now anyone that's spent time in the country, or has gone hiking or camping, has probably been exposed to ticks. They live in lush growth, they're usually in tall grass or in the woods, or they hang in trees, or animals. They actually live on a lot of deer and wild animals, and it's said there's thousands of them on just any one deer, any one time. So they jump into the woods and when you're walking anywhere in nature, a lot of times there's that risk of getting ticks. And they're just a little bug, but they have really strong teeth. And they will eat right into your skin, and they'll start wedging their way into your skin. So, there's really no way to repel them once they're on you. But, before it gets to that point, there's things that you can do to protect yourself. First of all, make sure that no part of your body is exposed. Make sure you have thick boots, thick socks, and pants and lots of layers. And then if you have any area that's not covered, make sure and cover it with any type of oil. Baby oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, lavender oil. If you put oil on your body, it will stop the ticks from biting you. Because a lot of times they'll try, but they'll slip, or they just don't like that oil. It breaks the membranes on their body. So they won't attack you. They won't attack you. So, there's things that you can do to protect yourself. Deet, d-e-e-t, is the best chemical, it's found from a tree in India that you can use. And it lasts the longest amount of time. But it isn't recommended for children under two years old, so it does make me believe that it could be dangerous to us if we're exposed to too much of it. So my theory still is, cover yourself, your entire body. And then, any exposed area, make sure you cover it with oil. When you get home from the woods, make sure and throw all your clothes into the dryer and put it on the highest temperature. So that you kill any ticks that might be in with your clothes. Because even if you throw them in the washing machine, sometimes they can survive that. So throw them into the dryer, and make sure and cook any of the fleas or the ticks that might be remaining after your trip to the woods. And that is the best thing that you can do to get rid of them. And if you do come home and find them on your body, and you find them gumming into your skin, the worst thing you can do is break them off, burn them off, or put oil on them. Because what happens is they will try to go deeper into your skin, and they put off an enzyme that actually starts to decompose your flesh. And that's what hurts so much. So you don't want to irritate them as much as possible. So the only way to remove a tick, is use a pair of tweezers, or there's special tick tweezers, and start from the inside out, and try to get the mouth part first. You don't want to break it off, because it will leave the poison inside your skin. So you try to pull with a pair of tweezers from the body, and pull it out, the complete body. Because if you burn it off, or put oil on it, or any of those other tricks, the part of the tick still might remain in your body. And as humans, there's really no chance that it would kill us but, it does carry Lyme disease and all other types of diseases that can eventually really do us a lot of harm. So remember, protect yourself from ticks by covering yourself up, and covering yourself with oil.