How to Maintain a Tank Vacuum

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This is Dan Wolstenholme on behalf of Expert Village and today we're going to show you how to dust and vacuum your home. In this segment we're going to talk about maintenance and pre-inspection on the tank vacuum. So what you want to do is just make sure that you're fitting whatever fitting you're using is in good and solid, the hose is good and solid connected to the base that your tank end of it is good and solid hooked into the vacuum. Make sure that the swivel for the wheel spins free, the wheels spin free. The cord is in good shape, it's not frayed or cut or torn anywhere. The plug is good on it. Also you want to check the level of the container in this vacuum. Let's see as you can see with this one it's actually quiet full so we're going to go ahead and change that out. First pull the hose out, look for any debris inside the hose or restrictions because you'll want to clean those out. This particular vacuum has a clip that holds the bag in, pull that out, toss the bag. So just replace it with a new bag, make sure it's put in place, shut the lid and you're set; good to go.