How to Repel Bugs With Pennies, Water & Plastic Bags

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Repelling bugs with pennies, water and plastic bags creates an optical illusion for the bugs, and it establishes an invisible barrier around an outdoor living space. Hang plastic bags full of water and a few pennies around a patio setting with... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to repel bugs with pennies, water, and a plastic bag. Well a lot of people say it really works and there is actually some scientific evidence that supports it too. So basically a penny works, the shinier the better and I would just like to use a few pennies to try it out and just use some water in a plastic bag and you leave the pennies in there and what you do is you hang the bag from the trees around where you are eating or you are having your picnic or your barbecue and what it creates is an optical illusion for us and for bugs and so the bugs when they're flying around they see all the prisms coming out from the bag that we don't really even see as humans and it creates a no fly zone for them. So they see all these prisms coming out from the bag and they see the water in the air and they think they're looking at water so it creates visually a barrier. So it's like an invisible wall around your party and apparently there is scientific proof that it supports the fact that it really works and lots of people have done it. My only concern is that you don't want to leave plastic bags hanging in your trees because there is lots of different animals that might think if it's fallen to the ground or if it just starts getting slimy they'll think it's food and they'll swallow it and they're going to die. So I really don't like to leave plastic out in nature because it really isn't something that belongs there naturally. So if you are having a party you can try to hang it from the trees. There are a lot of people that own restaurants that hang it from the trees and they say it works really well in the patio seating area and it might be visually kind of confusing but it is real similar to the idea of hanging just a CD, so you can just hang some old CD's around your garden too and it will stop birds from coming near it as well as all types of bugs.